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Eugena Bush
Eugena Grace Bush, to describe her in one word, is trustworthy. An independent, hardworking, literary-nurtured Senior of John Adams, she serves as a powerful new addition to our team at “The Tower”. Though determined and diligent in her work, Eugena also knows how to kick back and relax. In her free time she likes to listen to BTS and read books, her most recent venture being in the terrifying world of Stephen King in Pet Sematary. Eugena is motivated by the idea of success, driven by a love for literature, aspiring to become an Author in th future. Besides her educational motivations and hobbies, Eugena understands the importance of self-sustenance and self-love, as well as displaying those same attributes unto others. Be on the look out for Ms. Bush and her work as our publications hit the web.

Eugena Bush, Reporter

Sep 19, 2019
Earth’s Unknown Future (Story)
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