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Claire Hargis
Claire Hargis, an Adams senior, is both a reporter and the creator of the podcast “Top Picks for Cool Chicks,” a subset of The Tower’s RadioTower podcast. Her podcast features music reviews and suggestions for her fellow students to enjoy. It can be found on The RadioTower’s SoundCloud, and she currently has three episodes uploaded. She joined The Tower her junior year of high school, making this her second year. She is in a band with some fellow students who won Tower Rock last year. Besides being this band, she is also part of the John Adams’ dance team. The dance team was first created last school year, making her one of the original members of the team. Playing music and dancing are her two favorite things to do since she finds that expressing herself creatively helps to pull her away from some of the more stressful things that come along with being a high school student.Writing for The Tower also helps her reduce stress,  as she enjoys learning new things about her fellow students during interviews. The Tower celebrates John Adams and South Bend as a community, making it something extremely special to be a part of, and she is very proud to say that she contributes to its creation.

Claire Hargis, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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