Final Exam


Drew Stultz, Reporter

The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 was unexpected and very unwanted. It has made the whole world go on lockdown for 2-3 months so far and it could be longer. The virus took away my entire high school baseball season. We did all of this work in the winter just for it to be wasted by us not having a season. It isn’t as bad for me as it is for the seniors because I still have two more years of high school baseball left. I still hope that I have a summer baseball season but the odds of that right now seem pretty slim. 

The virus took away most of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter, and the second semester is my favorite time of the school year. School usually goes by faster because of baseball and class is usually more fun. It is closer to the summer and class is usually easier. I also miss seeing my friends everyday and socializing at lunch and occasionally in class. Regular class work was usually easier than elearning, it was also easier for me to focus without all of the at home distractions like, video games, watching tv and movies, going outside, etc… 

This whole virus and quarantine thing won’t affect me that much. I was never really scared about getting the virus because I have a pretty strong immune system and if I got it I wouldn’t be too affected by it. This really hasn’t changed me a lot I was mostly concerned about one of my grandparents getting the virus. I will be careful in crowded places but when I am at a friends house I won’t be too concerned about it. I don’t really have any concerns except for my grandparents getting it because it will affect them more than it will affect me.