NBA All Star Weekend


This year’s all star weekend was one for the books. There were a lot of disagreements mostly about the dunk contest and the all star game itself.The dunk contest included Dwight Howard, Pat Connaughton, Derrick Jones jr, and Aaron Gordon.It came down to Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones jr in a dunk off. A lot of people are claiming Aaron Gordon should’ve won and I agree, Derrick Jones jr. was good but not good enough to beat Aaron Gordon in my opinion. Some people are saying it was rigged and Dwayne Wade helped Derrick Jones jr win, Wade being a former Miami Heat player and Jones being a current Heat player.

The skills competition which is the least appreciated competition during the all star weekend, it came down to Bam Adebayo from the Miami Heat and Domantas Sabonis from the Indiana Pacers. Bam Adebayo came out on top winning it with a three seconds before Sabonis. 

The Rising Stars game was a great game as well Zion Williamson the rookie from the Pelicans, rookie Ja Morant from the Grizzlies, and the rookie MVP of the game Miles Bridges stole the show for team USA in their win over team World 151-131.

The three point contest is definitely one of the most interesting competitions in the all star weekend in my opinion. This contest featured rookie Trae Young,Buddy Hield, Devin Booker, defending champion Joe Harris, Devonte’ Graham, Duncan Robinson, Zach Lavine, and Davis Bertans. It came down to Devin Booker and Buddy Hield, where Hield pulled it out with his last ball left on the rack where he won in the final round with 27 points and Booker finishing with 26 points.

The main event which was the NBA All star game, was team Giannis versus team Lebron. The all star game was played in a different format than usual. Both teams played three quarters with the quarters being 10 minutes each, and then they added up all of the scores from the first three quarters and take the team with the higher score and add 24 to that and that was the target score, there was no game clock in the fourth quarter it was just the first one to reach the target score which was 157. Team Lebron ended up winning 157-155 by a free throw from Anthony Davis.