Starting a Conversation- Jubilee

Photo via Jubilee on YouTube

Photo via Jubilee on YouTube

Anna Schrader, Reporter

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Whether it be politics or just small, everyday arguments, most people can agree that there is too much division in our society. Jubilee, a recently trending Youtube channel, creates content that embraces our differences as a community and creates a dialect within typically opposing groups. Jason Lee, a Jubilee founder, began posting small projects and documentaries on Jubilee around nine years ago, but the channel has just began to trend in the last two years.  They also post more lighthearted videos on their channel, but the specific series “Middleground” and “Spectrum” are the most intriguing to me. “Middleground” takes two groups of typically opposing parties and gives them discussion prompts. The directors begin the discussion by saying a single statement and the participants step forward if they agree. This then can lead to very different, and stimulating conversations on controversial topics. Seeing the two opposite sides come together and have meaningful conversation is very eye-opening. Trump supporters versus immigrants, flat earthers versus scientists, democrats versus republicans, and men’s rights activists versus feminists are just some of the topics these videos touch on.  Jubilee’s main goal is to inspire young people to live for something greater. To me, this shows the audience watching these videos that compromise and understanding one another is possible in today’s society. Even their entire merch brand is centered around empathy and being an all together good human.

This type of content seems to be not as much shown on Youtube, which typically leans more towards advertisement full and meaningless videos to make money. Watching these discussion based videos has changed my viewpoint on what type of content I should be watching and supporting on Youtube. “Spectrum” on the other hand takes a group of people from the same demographic and gives them several discussion points similar to “Middleground”. The group then puts themselves onto a spectrum of strongly disagree to strongly agree. This gives an interesting take on disagreements within the same group. Teen moms, women, christians, men, teachers, and comedians are some of the main groups seen in these videos. “Middleground” is my personal favorite series on the channel, and is extremely entertaining to watch. This brain stimulating content on Youtube is what I wish we saw more of. Filling kids and teen’s heads with background noise seems to not actually do any good. Real life, stimulating content with an altogether good message is what I am personally attracted to, and highly recommend.