Super Bowl Predictions


The matchup is set for Super Bowl LIV, the San Francisco 49ers will play the Kansas City Chiefs.The two teams will match up February 2 in Miami, Florida. The main focus of this game will be Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense versus Nick Bosa and the 49ers defense. The Chiefs being 12-4 on the season and the 49ers being 13-3 on the season. The Chiefs,5th in the league in total offense, 5th in passing yards per game, and 23rd in the league in rushing, they have one main attack:the passing game. The 49ers defense is 2nd in total defense, 1st in passing defense, and 17th in the league in rush defense.

The key for the 49ers to win this game is to control the momentum and tempo of the game. The biggest key for them to win this game is to stop Patrick Mahomes and the electrifying Chiefs offense. The Chiefs’ wide receivers are 3 of the fastest players in the league, so that will be another challenge for the 49ers defense. The 49ers’ offense isn’t something to forget about either as they were 4th in total offense, 13th in passing offense, and 2nd in rushing offense.

The key for the Chiefs to win this game is to stop the 49ers running game. The 49ers were second in the league in rushing offense this season,so the Chiefs will need to load the box and force Jimmy Garapolo to pass the ball. Jimmy G is not to be taken lightly in the passing game either, he threw for 4,000 yards and 27 touchdowns on the season and only 13 interceptions.

My prediction for Super Bowl LIV is that the 49ers are going to win 35-32. I feel like the 49ers are a more complete team than the Chiefs. Both teams are coming into this game hot and are playing their best football all season and this game could add up to be the game of the year.