Why Jedi: Fallen Order is a good game


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Jedi Fallen Order is the most recent addition to the large roster of Star Wars games that have been made available to fans over the years, since A New Hope was first put into theaters. I have seen and heard quite a large amount of criticism about the game from many people, but for the most part I disagree with it. I started playing the game recently, and I found it to be entertaining. The gameplay was fun and action filled, the combat system clearly had a lot of thought put into it, the visuals were often stunning, and the story was fun and interesting to play through. Many of the complaints I have seen and heard focus on how bland the main character, Cal Kestis, is. I do not entirely disagree with this mindset, Cal did lack personality in some instances, and I think there could have been more of a character arc throughout the game, but overall it wasn’t as bad as some critics may say. I think that many of the side characters could have had more story, and character interaction as a whole could have been improved. There was a limited amount of character development aside from Cal, even though many story points involve the side characters in the story. I do think that the game was very enjoyable though, I even ended up accidentally playing through the entire thing in one night. That however is less of a testament to how interesting the game is, and more to my uneven sleep schedule. Besides that, I believe that the game took great strides in the way of Star Wars games. Whenever Star Wars games are made, they tend to lack a certain element of intrigue that the movies lack. The games have never been able to garner as much renown as even the least successful star wars movie. However, I found that Fallen Order tended to advance in a lot of ways that past games have not been able to do. Fallen Order had amazing combat systems, interesting environments that encourage exploration, and an interesting story that I enjoyed playing, no matter what other critics may say.