A big problem that many teenagers in school can relate to is the feeling of being completely unorganized, stressed and upset about school, and how school, family life, and friends can easily impact their mood. Many teens feel unable to understand their feelings and emotions or even what tasks they need to have completed the next day. Something that I know has changed my life entirely and many people that I know is journaling.

    The most important part about journaling is the way that you benefit from it. For many it puts their mind at ease. Having a physical list of things needed to be done and knowing you having forgotten anything or having a safe place to write down you thoughts and feelings, being able to vent and get certain energy you’ve been bottling up out. Journaling has been known as a proven way to relieve stress, boost your memory, manage anxiety and cope with depression. Journaling also starts to become easier and easier the more you do it. Being able to check off everything off a list of things needed to be done gives off a satisfactory feeling making you then want to complete everything that has to be done.

    Journaling comes in all different variations and there is truly no wrong way to do it. Everyone who journals does it for plenty of different reasons but the outcome of their experience of journaling is that it makes them feel better. For example, some may to it similar to a diary writing down what they did that day to help remember the good things that happened that day and the bad, being able to write it down and their feelings about that experience and leave it there in the past. Also, people can write list, any and everything that comes to mind, maybe new shows they want to watch or books they want to read. Another method that is popularly used is bullet journaling. There are specific notebooks called bullet journals which when you open the notebook instead of lines there and little dots all in rows in columns allowing the user to draw boxes, drawings, doodles with no restriction of what they can do. Many people create monthly and weekly spread writing down what they have to do each day, remembering when things are due and different events going on. 

    With journaling there really is no one way a person has to do it you can on one page write down everything that you need to get done that day and the next write how your day went and what happened. That’s the beauty of journaling, there are no boundaries or guidelines you need to follow it completely up to you. The most important part is that it helps your mind feel at ease and you feel like you have a better grasp on your life.