Who is Martin Cabello?

Loren Arzadon, Reporter

“Cocaina. No. Flour. Somebody asked me why I hate the military-” This is a quote from Martin Cabello that made him soar into popularity, almost overnight.

 Who is Martin Cabello III? Why does he hate the military? Who is Josh Powell? What does his instagram name, @ti_me_to_mass_so_i_exist, mean? For the past few months, Martin Cabello has taken the internet by storm. Videos of him rhyming, or using what he calls “Cryptology”, and talking about absurd topics are filling social platforms. His follower count is growing more and more, and his face and name have become a meme for many people, especially among the youngest generation. One of his quotes became a popular CopyPasta on Reddit as well, “Helly Hanson makes me hella handsome while I lend a helping hand, son, because honesty and integrity are a part of their corporate policy.” However, despite his confusing content, there’s something about it that draws people in, whether it be the mystery behind it or it’s absurdist nature.

This doesn’t explain what he is talking about in those videos. Some of his most popular videos involve him talking about a man named Josh Powell, who supposedly killed himself by using a gas can to blow up his house, along with his two children. Powell is a real person and did blow himself up. Furthermore, he was a person of interest regarding his missing wife. However, no one truly knows if Powell and Cabello have had a real connection. Some people have realized through his live videos that he seems visibly upset whenever people bring up Joshua Powell, however, it doesn’t confirm whether Cabello and Powell did have ties.

What makes his videos so funny, though? There are a lot of videos of him that have gone viral where he’s eating raw eggs and insects or amphibians as “nutrients”, working out, talking about random things while showcasing random items. What is the element that makes it so funny? What a lot of people like about Martin Cabello is how he can switch to a topic unrelated to what he was talking about in the beginning. An example can be seen in one video where he holds a HotWheel car and after explaining what it is, talks about his experience of being swatted. A lot of his videos are about religion, the military, cryptology, and other random things, as well, which may be something that draws people to him.

Not that many people know who Martin Cabello really is, or why he is doing what he is doing. But, he has grown very popular in such a short time. No one knows whether to actually take him seriously or if he’s pulling publicity stunts. His actions are similar to another absurdist account, LovelyPeaches. However, his growth as an Influencer has been taken well among the meme community.