Girls’ Grapple with Issues Big and Small



Grace Hartman, Reporter

Feminism. A word that in today’s day and age can have so many different meanings and so many feelings associated with it. The truthful dictionary definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” While the movement towards equality of the sexes has come a long way over the course of history, it seems that in the present day, our country still isn’t there yet. Women and girls all over are still getting treated poorly upon based off their gender and not off of the person they are. Something very important that should be widely known is that many young girls face a lot of troubles in their day to day lives in school environments. 

Now in today’s society, all students have many struggles throughout their academic careers. All the homework, studying and test taking while maybe trying to keep up with all the extracurricular activities they may have going on after school. For girls, they get to add a couple extra stressors to tack onto their school day. One of these including dress code. Dress code is a very opinionated topic amongst female students, many having a very similar opinion; that it sucks. The dress code rules are mainly formed in a patriarchal view, very much implying that the “focus” of a teen boy is “more important” than a girl, strategically wearing shorts on a day where the temperature will be over 90 degrees outside, to keep herself comfortable in class, is less important. Another problem for girls is that boys opinions seem to matter more, especially in sports. The highlights of the school twitter accounts and the talk of the school are of the football and boys basketball games. This is also where most of the schools sporting funds go. Last but not least, a big, very important and serious issue is young girls being taken advantage of. This for girls can happen any and everywhere not just at school. Girls are taught to always be constantly aware of their surroundings and be alert because, in as crazy of a world we live in today, there are bad people who live to pry off of young girls. As sick as it sounds this is the world we live in today.

Hi my name is Grace. I am a student, a musician and a writer. I am a young girl looking forward to an amazing future that I hope to lay out for myself. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece and a friend. I am creative, outgoing and smart. I am also a feminist. Feminism is very important to me. It helps me keep myself grounded and makes me feel productive knowing that I am doing what I can to help make myself a stronger and a more independent person along with the amazing girls around me that I see daily. Sometimes the people around me see me as bossy or stuck up in the fact that I am an informed, educated and opinionated person. To me I would rather be seen as that than a girl who would give into patriarchal standards that today’s society still holds true in everyday life for girls and women all over. 

Girls, stick up for one another, keep your heads up and raise your voices when need be, your opinions should always be heard and valued. Boys, be respectful towards girls. If you see something you know isn’t right don’t join in on it or overlook it, stand up for girls too. Equality is something I strive to see for myself in my future and I believe that should be a goal for many as well.