Male Athletics Versus Female Athletics


Hannah Mills, Student Contributor

On countless occasions male athletics have taken over woman athletics, as though they are superior. Male athletics typically are seen as more entertaining for the sole reason that the mainstream media highlights them more. This is even evident in high school sports.

There is a significant amount of more funding going towards male sports, such as football and boys basketball. Sure, these two sports bring in the most revenue, but that is due to the amount of news coverage and awareness of these sports. The football team in particular is given a tremendous amount of updating to their facility as well as their uniforms. The football team does bring in the most high school student attraction even though they have a losing record.

How does it make sense to give priority to teams that are not winning as many games? Girls track for instance has a winning record, and has won city for the last 8 years in a row, yet they have terrible uniforms and no recognition outside of their sport. That type of record should be something to be celebrated instead of being pushed aside and focusing on football season which is over a year away.

Also, football has the number one priority of all of the gyms, even if they are not in season. Right now for instance, in spring, football is out of season yet they get gym space over sports such as softball and girls tennis. These sports are being pushed to the side and being shown that no matter how hard they work and how well their season goes, they will still be beneath the male dominated sports. Which heavily ties into the ideals that encompass society, that no matter how well a male does a job they are still more than likely rewarded more than women.