Is the Work Ethic of Youth Declining?

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In recent years there seems to be a decline of individual work ethic simultaneously to an incline in high aspirations. People seem to think that the best way to get work done is to do no work at all. When there is a heavy reliance on the work of others, eventually no work will ever be completed. Young people in general often complain that they have too much going on in their lives to be able to complete the most basic task. If there is a task to be completed it should not matter how much you have on your plate, you put it there so you should finish it. Of course there are always exceptions to that, but when you have such pride in yourself and your work there is nothing that should get in the way you and your work.

Such a simple task as completing a simple school assignment is now becoming too much for some to bare. Students have an obligation to complete the assignments given to them, yet it appears that some students either do not care about their future or just think that they will fly under the radar and no one will ever realize everything that they have not done. Frankly, I think this ideology is ludicrous. If you do not want to do the work, there is another option. Stop burdening others with your lack of a work ethic and do everyone a favor, dropout or quit. That might be a difficult conclusion to accept, but it’s the truth.

Teachers, bosses, or anyone in a place of authority did not get into their field to babysit people who do not want to work. These authority figures want to be able to help people grow and see what they can accomplish. The frightening truth of the matter is that, with more and more people falling into this lazy pattern, there is not going anyone to do the work besides those select few in authority positions. So, basically the select few are left carrying everyone else into the future.

The future is an important place to get to, but there is no chance of getting there without the hard work of everyone. The ideal future would have everyone pulling their own weight to make everything run smoothly. Having big aspirations isn’t a problem unless you don’t have the work ethic to back it up. It is not that hard: do the work you are given and be able to breath that sigh of relief when you realize that finally all the hard work you have done has paid off. The feeling of a job well done is so much sweeter than relaxing all the time. If the work ethic of the youth does not start to incline, who knows what the future will hold.